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Joy Du Jour

We’re all familiar with the term, Soup Du Jour, right?
~ Soup of the day.

Upon this page I offer you, Joy Du Jour.
~ Your Joy of the day!
Each morning, for your consideration, a new tasty morsel is displayed on “The Menu”.

None other like it, it’s an exciting and varied menu.
Today a richly sumptuous buttery blonde.
Tomorrows special may be a buxom brunette….. or two!
Genuine redheads are rare, but as a special treat I’ll be sure to satisfy your cravings.
Then there are those days when I’ll share a buffet of beauties frolicking together, or they may simply be lounging in repose — waiting for you to join them for some naughty fun!

At some point, rather than trekking here for your Joy Du Jour, you may wish to ‘dine in’.
FEMJOY delivers, so go ahead, order up the entire menu right to your computer.
To make sure you’re getting the special available, be sure to ‘click’ on the picture above so you can take advantage of offers like, Buy one month – get one FREE. Wouldn’t that make these savory delicacies that much sweeter!

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