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Where Did All The Pretty Playmates Go?

Published on December 2, 2009 by in Featured

The other day I ran across a collection of vintage Playboy Magazines from the mid-1970’s. As I flipped through a few of them I was struck by how pretty the girls were. The words that come to mind are sweet, sexy and wholesome. Not a one of the girls has tattoos, body piercings or store bought knockers that look like a pair of dock bumpers stuck to their chest. Maybe the tattooed and pierced look does it for some guys, but for me it simply detracts from the real beauty of women.
Playboy Cover, 1970

As I was developing the plans for my stiffy relief website, I knew that visual satisfaction had to be part of the formula. Growing up, I remember spending time with my grandpa; a real man’s-man kind of guy. His garage was always filled with pin-up girl calendars and photos. The Vargas Girls were my favorite. They still are.

One day I asked my grandma about all the girlie pictures in Grandpa’s workshop and if she was okay with it. She said, “I don’t care where he gets his appetite as long as he has his meals at home”. Grandma was awesome, and had a lot to do with my views on sex and men’s sexuality.

Anyway, finding those vintage Playboys made me curious. I began looking around to see what is available for men’s visual stimulation. Sadly, most of the adult material out there seems to be the same boring stuff (tattooed, pierced, boob-enhanced girls giving tongue-studded blow jobs to guys who appear to spend too much time in the gym). Where did all of the pretty playmates go?

I checked out Playboy’s online offering, and it’s pretty good. However, for me it lacks the sweet, girl next door impact of the good old days.

Jenni exemplifies FEMJOY's mission, the female form as Pure Art

Jenni exemplifies FEMJOY's mission, the female form as Pure Art

Finally, I ran across FEMJOY. Wow! What a visual treat (I even like the name!). FEMJOY represent joyful female beauty in what I can best describe as pure nude art.

The FEMJOY slogan is “… a feast for the eyes”, and it is! With more than 600 gorgeous models and thousands of pictures and videos, FEMJOY is a feast, indeed. All of the images are artfully (and tastefully) arranged, and the quality is near perfection.

And, it’s not just the girls that are visually appealing. Each photo set has visual interest that highlights each girl’s natural beauty. Being a free-spirit and nature girl myself, I especially enjoy the outdoor sets. When looking at these images I swear I can hear the bees buzzing, feel warm sun kissing my silky skin and smell the fresh blossoms blooming just off camera.

“Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are unimportant.”
~ Henry Miller

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