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Private vs Exlusive?

Let’s begin by setting your mind at ease. The only time you begin being charged on Streamate is when you make a clear choice. There are some sites which are much more vague about when you’re getting charged, but that’s not the case on Streamate. You must actively choose to spend money. So go ahead and window shop until you find the girl who gives you that loving feeling. *wink*

The magic begins when you click the bar beneath our video stream which reads, ‘Enter My Private Live Show’. There are several options, each with a different price per minute.

There are actually 2 paid levels on this site, plus ‘block sessions’ which commit you to spending a ‘block’ of time with the model in exchange for a discounted rate for doing so.

As a newbie to Streamate, the site must run an charge on your CC to make sure it’s valid. Until that charge is made you’ll only see ‘private’ offered. Private means the model is no longer in ‘Free Chat’, so she can get naked and let the ‘adult’ entertainment begin! Generally this is the least expensive way to see her, but it also means there may be others watching ….and making requests of her, which she may or may not get around to satisfying for you. Once your CC is cleared, if the model offers it, you’ll see the second option “Exclusive”. Exclusive is just the two of you exclusively, no-one else.

If you check the model’s profile info it says what she’s willing to do once you begin getting charged. The problem with group is that if there is one guy asking for ‘show me your ass’ and another ‘suck my dick’, they’re opposite requests, so she can’t possibly do both at the same time. This may make you feel unsatisfied if she’s not doing exactly what you’ve asked. Ya know? It becomes kind of generic if there are other people popping in and out barking commands.

For me I enjoy catering to one person in Exclusive. It goes faster because you get what you want right away. It costs more per minute, but in MY sessions it goes faster, and it’s all about you, so generally it goes faster. Also it’s private, so we can explore naughty roleplay or fetishes, or just talk without having others popping in.

Also, you’ll need to up your account ‘daily limit’ from the base of $25, up to whatever you’re comfortable spending in a day (calculate the per min. rate, by how many min you think you’re going to play). Those settings can be found in your account settings.

Do you have something special you’d like to do in private?
Let me know in advance of clicking the button, ‘Enter My Private Live Show’ so I’ll be prepared and we won’t need to discuss it on your dime.

Hope it helps.
Hope to see you in a session soon!

“Nothing defines humans better than their willingness to do irrational things in the pursuit of phenomenally unlikely payoffs. This is the principle behind lotteries, dating, and religion.” ~ Scott Adams

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