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Webcam Chat Etiquette

Treat your webcam girl with respect, together you’ll have a blast !

RESPECT, isn’t just the title of an Aretha Franklin song

As a webcam girl I’d have to say the most annoying part of my time on cam is when everyone is silent, no one speaking to me. On our side of the cam we can see your name, so we know you’re there but you’re just not talking. I’ve heard it from other girls too, that they get bored and frustrated if there’s no one to talk to. You can imagine how difficult it is to be be smiling and bubbly all by ourselves. So please, jump in and say something. There’s no need to be shy.

When you do summon the courage to finally type something, be respectful. Most cammodels only grant requests in a Private or Exclusive show, but charming her with a few kind words like please and thank you may hold the key to her gracing you a further peek. Better still, offer up a $1 in ‘Gold’, which is in essence a tip. Take my word for it, offering her a dollar (a mere dollar!) will make you stand out among the rest of the lurkers and insincere pests who take up her time. She’ll be yours for the rest of your time within her room.

Penny Wise, Or Pound Foolish?
To have the best time possible, correctly choose the level of personal attention you’d prefer.
At first glance you may think that cheaper is better, but you’re ultimate satisfaction depends what type of experience you’re looking for.

A PRIVATE SHOW: It’s a group show with other viewers popping in & out. It’s no longer a public arena.
…………. Generally, because you are not alone with her, she will not use your name or directly respond to your requests. She’ll attempt to work everyone’s request in to what she’s doing, but there’s no guarantee, so you may feel a bit unsatisfied if you have something special in mind. A Private Group Show is a great choice for a first time visit – think of it as window shopping. A Private Group Show is perfect if you’re in the mood to be a voyeur.


AN EXCLUSIVE SHOW: She’s all yours and your requests will be catered to
…………. If you’re feeling you need her full attention, this is the route for you! While initially it seems more expensive, actually in the long run, because she is catering only to your needs requests you may be finished sooner while spending the same or maybe less! An Exclusive show is always necessary for requests, role play, fetishes such as smoking or feet, kink such as strap-on, gagging, or clothing changes including hosiery or shoes.

Why spend more for a show?
Why buy a Lexus rather than a Corolla?

Express Yourself!

Consider our time together a virtual date.

One final suggestion which will thrill your video playmate, when you’ve reached your ‘target’ and are ready to release your payload, reach out one sticky finger and touch any single letter on your keyboard and hold it down so the letter repeats across the page for a short bit. Since she can’t see you, and has no idea where you are in the process, this is the universal cue for, “I’m cumming!” or, “I’ve just cum!”

For me, when I know you’re in the process of getting a nut I can time my actions and reactions to coincide with what you’ve got going on. Giving us this bit of key information should provide you with a better overall experience. At least while you’re with me it will!

An Attitude of Gratitude
Just as in texting or instant messaging TY stands for Thank You.

Consider your time together like you are on a date. You’ve spent money on her, paying for food and drinks. You’ve entertained her. Generally at the end of a fun date YOU say to her, “Thank you, for the fun evening”. It’s the same here. Consider yourself having been on a GREAT date! Personally it warms my heart to receive a thank you, or TY, for the intimate time we’ve spent together. It’s a classy touch and always appreciated. Believe me, we ladies understand that after you get a nut too much thinking spoils the moment for you. Honestly, we don’t expect anything more than a TY before you click out of our room.

Share The Love

Well, there is just one more little thing………..

"Gold" is the currency of appreciation.

As you exit there will be a pop-up which offers you the opportunity to rate your time with us.
We’d be thrilled beyond belief if you’d take a moment to write a little something about our time together. It needn’t be elaborate or thought out. A simple “Wow!”, or “omfg!” or “gr8!” is more than enough. For me, I’m THRILLED so see your name in my comments section of my biography pages. Strange as it may seem, reading your review actually means more to me than receiving a tip in GOLD! I’m filled with pride when I see your name on my profile’s ‘Comments’ section with a little note about how much you appreciated our time together.

Of course as with any other customer service gig, being acknowledged with a gratuity of ‘Gold’ is always appreciated and remembered by me. When I receive Gold I tuck it into my stripper-shoe-tips-bank, and use it for new purchases of props, shoes or accessories for my shows.

And please know, I APPRECIATE YOU!
Don’t be shy, pop over to my room and be sure to say, “Hi”.
I look forward to getting to know you.

Make it a habit to tell people thank you.   To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return.   Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you.
Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.
~ Ralph Marston

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