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Truth #1, there’s no such thing as ‘free’ sex.
Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts, and this is one of those times. I’m not going to bullshit you. Everything in life is an exchange of power, especially within our relationships.

Sex is such an important part of our life, without it we feel frustrated, anxious, not at our best.
Is it just me or are you feeling it too? Frustration at not being able to find or maintain a satisfying sexual relationship.

Not tonight, not EVER!

Sure, a full fledged relationship is wonderful when you find one that works, but it takes work to find a partner with whom you share mutual attraction and feel that magic chemistry. But then there is the frustration and disappointment due to the amount of time and money you invest just to find out she doesn’t ‘feel it’ with you. She’d just like to remain friends. So the cycle begins again. Checking the singles sites, cruising the singles bars, on the prowl at your workplace (take it from my personal experience, work sex is never a good idea).

No Free Sex

Free sex? Dream on.

Hey, I know I’m preaching to the choir on this one, you guys spend a lot of money for what is mistakenly known as ‘free sex’. Dating sex is anything but free! So what are the alternatives? I’m glad you asked!

Outright buying sexual services is illegal in every state in the U.S.A. but Nevada. Even if you find a ‘pro’ who will exchange money for sexual release you’ve put yourself in peril of being arrested, robbed, infected or worse! So what else is there? Must you spend your life without sexual pleasure or release with another human being? Heck no!

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What would you like Dakota and her boyfriend to do next?

May I suggest a fabulous alternative which is available right from your own home, hotel room or behind closed (and locked!) office doors. It’s the erotic world of webcam girls!

Ok, ok, I can hear you groaning, “Webcamming, that’s not real sex and it costs money!”
I agree, it’s not ‘real’ sex, but it’s not a lifeless recorded video or glossy flat page in a magazine either.
Webcamming sites are an interactive candy store of women and couples, some of them the most accomplished porn stars of today available to chat with day or night from the comfort of your computer. Better still, after you’ve spent time on the website sampling the extensive eye-candy, building a bit of rapport with a girl, take her into an exclusive session where you direct the action! You’d like her to strip naked? Done! Want her to use her sex toys while pleasuring herself along with you? Done! Have a fantasy or role you’d like her to play? Done!

For more guidance on how to have the very best webcam experience with the hosts, please read my post:

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Webcam Etiquette. In a nutshell, BEFORE entering into the exclusive paid time with her ask her questions or tell her what you’d like to have her do for you in private. That way you’ll know going into paid show that she has red high heels and seamed stockings, or does anal shows or squirts when she cums before putting your money down.

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Sex is like air; it’s not important unless you aren’t getting any.
~ John Callahan

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