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The Measure Of A Man?

Published on June 1, 2011 by in Featured

Symmetry in all God's creations.

People are forever trying to find ways to determine the size of a mans ‘equipment’ without his whipping it out for all to see. I’ve heard all kinds of theories and third party testimonials. I have girlfriends who swear they’ve had great luck using a man’s shoe size, hand size, length and shape of fingers to give them clues about what a guy is packing within his trousers.

Personally I have never found a shred of credibility with any of my girlfriends tried and true methods to size a guy up prior to his dropping trou. But then a very brainy male friend of mine (who, for the time being, shall remain nameless) offered up a rather credible theory.He postulates that just as Leonardo Da Vinci realized a mans arm span equals his approximate height, and our forearm mirrors the measure of our foot, the span of a mans spread fingers gives a rough approximation of the length of his penis. Wow, that’s an exciting bit of pseudo-scientific speculation!

Thumb (A) to Ring Finger (D)

What exactly is his theory involving finger span and penis size? To test the measure, first achieve a hard-on. Then, with fingers of either hand fully extended rest the tip of your thumb on the head of your cock, the tip of that same hands ring finger should reach the base of your cock at your balls. The distance from the tip of the ring finger to the tip of thumb is the approximate length of your cock.

That seems simple and straight forward enough.
Is there any truth to it? Let’s make an anecdotal study to find out!
Everyone reading this article is hereby required to test on your own magnificent member (or, for you ladies, your man’s member). Then send me your results: JoyLovewell (at), or share them with me within my CamModels chatroom. If your statistics aren’t correct, that is your finger span to cock length is off, report to me your findings. Is your hand spread larger or smaller than your cock? Is the measure off by a great amount? Names aren’t important but details are!

Depending on how large or small your hands appear this theory can be perceived as rather intimidating, am I right?
Me personally, I’m not looking for a guy with huge hands (wink), I’m looking for a guy with the perfect hands. Neither too big nor too small. Like Goldilocks, and every other woman I know, I’m looking for a fit which is “just right”. Aren’t you too? If you have a theory for determining cooter size pre-plunge, I’m all ears =) I’ll be sure to do a follow up story about the results.

OK, so let’s add a little levity to this unnerving topic.
After all, as this video shows, there really can be too much of a good thing.

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A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him.
~ Mae West

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