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Published on August 4, 2014 by in Featured, Great Ideas

Officer Naughty

Join me here, for some one-on-one role play fun on webcam!

Joy’s Naughty Fantasy Fun On Cam

While I have no formally issued license to practice as a sex therapist, in my own mind that’s what I am, a sexual fantasy therapist. For those who’ve never spent time with me while I’m on my webcam, it must appear that I’m simply another porno-wannabe, exploiting men for their money. Or maybe you see the opposite? That somehow I’m a victim of sad circumstances which have taken me to the depths of depravity, selling my sexuality cheap.

The reality? It’s a strong ‘no!’ on both assumptions. Having studied sexuality for years, when I found the opportunity to become a professional webcam model I was thrilled at the prospect of helping others while helping myself. As offered in this article, sex work can be likened to food service work.

There are so many people, especially men, with sexual quirks, people who are unlikely to ever find an understanding partner who will allow them to fully express the hidden sexuality that inspires their passions. Sharing our time together via webcam allows these folks to express themselves in a safe place. I’ll never mock or ridicule their requests (although there are some scenarios which are off limits, like pedophilia or bestiality for example). Whether it’s is a fetish for toes, wrinkly or stinky soles, granny panties, stockings, or having their partner ‘talk dirty’, or even dominate them, I can do that online, from the comfort and safety of our computers.

And like a therapist who has training and talent, I am paid for my expertise too! Paid well, I might add. So be assured, no one is taking advantage of me.

Reference article:

“Sexual desire is as diverse as it is personal, and sometimes we don’t find it easy to share our most intimate thoughts even with the people closest to us.

We use a variety of methods to overcome these inhibitions and now more and more couples are getting started with sexual role play as a means to take on a different persona and explore their lesser-expressed fantasies.” ~ Donna Turner


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