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Dr. Lovewell

More than a webcam girl, I consider myself a erotic practitioner.

Dr. Lovewell, your therapist

A therapist of sorts. My calling is to connect, one to one with vibrant men who, for whatever reason, are without a partner. My goal is to quickly transform myself into whatever role you’d like or fetish gear you’ve requested. If you’re simply looking for an caring, intelligent and articulate woman with a quick wit to communicate with I’m all that too!

Spending time pleasuring ourselves, sharing a rockin’ big O is one of life’s simple pleasures I adore. But if you’ve got a more unusual itch, together within my video chatroom we’ll explore your sexual fetishes and exciting fantasies.

Wigs, PVC, Boots

Genuinely non-judgemental I accept you and your cravings just as they are. Allow me be you’re perfect partner, the one who gets as excited by your cravings as you do! Nothing makes me happier than to be directed to try something new, something edgy.

My affinity for role play and fetishes comes from my own cravings. All my life I have had a calling to be an actress, especially improvisational work, like Second City or Saturday Night Live. For the most part what I do on webcam is improvisation. In fact I’ve coined the term, Sexual Improv which is exactly what my fetish and sexual role play doing. We’re practicing improvisational sexual scenarios.

Having been a webcam girl for several years, I’ve encountered all kinds of fetish requests and role play scenarios. Some are pretty common place, such as foot and shoe worship.

Feet, Legs, Stockings, Shoes

Others, like cuckolding or SPH (small penis humiliation) are more of a stretch for me, but I love them all! It’s a total turn on for me whenever someone ask if I have this-or-that to put on or to use during their session. Before going into a paid show they’ll ask if I am able to perform a specific role, many times involving a costume or setting the scene within my room. Being a natural ‘pleaser’, I race to prepare for our time together.

Over the years I have amassed a huge collection of lingerie, hosiery, stockings, sox & shoes, boots; costumes & clothing for role play, wigs, accessories; fetish fabrics: satin, leather, pvc, latex; strap-on, Mardi gras & gas masks, glasses, paddles, whips, cuffs & clamps, tape. Gee, and I haven’t even begun to list my toys! When you add in all my toys the list seems nearly endless! I pride myself on being ready to create just about any role or fetish requested of me.

Officer Naughty

Take a peek at the reviews on my profile page. You’ll find quite a number of them complimenting me on my expert role play.

There are very few of taboo topics. The restrictions are not my own.

Clamps, Tape, Cuffs

The limitations are dictated by the company I broadcast through. In order to transmit our shows we are required to sign a “Terms of Service Agreement” which outlines the site’s rules about what will get us in hot water with the company. If you’re interested in knowing what those taboo topics are please use this link to my article, Taboo.

If you’d like to contact me about a craving you’d like expressed and satisfied with me, please join It’s absolutely 100% FREE! Being a member has so many benefits, but I think the best one is being able to write to me, share with me the wickedest desires and directions on how you’d like it all to play out with me on cam.

Don’t be shy, cum see me! I can hardly wait to hear what rocks your world.
I’m here for you.

To make a video game come to life was definitely a childhood fetish of mine. I have to admit there’s not much substance there, but it was fun.
~ Michelle Rodriguez

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