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How’d I Get So Lucky?

Career councilors tell us, “Do what you love and the money will follow.”
Well, aren’t I a lucky girl to have found a career path that makes my heart sing!
My career choice of ‘Erotic Entertainer’ encompasses nearly all of my favorite activities. How lucky is that?!

Being a webcam entertainer is the perfect career fit because it utilizes all my God-given innate gifts and talents:

Playful & Accepting Sex Partner

I LOVE MEN; I love sex, sensuality, sexual role-play; sexual research, sexual fantasies; men with fetishes, transgender men, exploring fantasies in sexual roleplay.

Frustrated Actress
All my life, I mean from the time I was just a tyke, I have been an

You direct the scene & storyline

actress, a natural mimic. Comedy, improv, musical comedy, stand-up comedy. During my school years I took dance classes, studied music and acting. Sadly, between the school councilors and my family badgering me that a career in theater was impractical, I finally made the choice to study business instead of theater arts.

My Generous, Non-Judgmental Heart
What can I say? I’m a “giver”.
Compassion, empathy, acceptance …. and love. All of them in spades. Innate gifts like those are meant to be shared, and what venue is bigger than the internet? For me, all the world really IS a stage.

An Everyday Artist
Photography, video, editing.
Costume design, sewing, set design; Drawing, sculpting; Writing, storytelling.
Being a professional webcam ‘erotic entertainer’ utilizes my artistic gifts and talents.

Enjoyable study & research

Inquisitive Nerd Girl
The up-side to my ADD is the fascinating journey I have been on without a plan or study course. I go with the ADD flow, learning by simply allowing my study to unfold on a seemingly ‘need to know’ basis. One topic leads to another. It’s never ending. Topics of interest: sexuality, health, relationships; spirituality, world religions, psychology, marketing, computers.

So how did I get so lucky to have a career I love? Well, it took lots of little experiences, combined with oodles of research and fact checking, but mostly faith…… and dumb luck. The opportunity appeared when I was searching for my next joy filled career incarnation. And I found it, here, as a webcam girl. Ah yes, lucky indeed, and every day I thank my lucky stars.

Does it seem impossible that a forty-something MILF has all that going on? Well I invite you to come take a closer look. Read my articles, posts and daily diary.
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One way or the other, I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here. I look forward to spending ‘quality’ time together while getting to know one another.

“Talent is an amalgam of high sensitivity; easy vulnerability; high sensory equipment (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting—intensely); a vivid imagination as well as a grip on reality; the desire to communicate one’s own experience and sensations, to make one’s self heard and seen.”
~ Uta Hagen

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