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Can You Keep A Secret?

I hope so, because I absolutely love surprises!

Being pampered, lavished with even a tiny yet meaningful from-the-heart gift means the world to me.
Amazon has made the pampering so easy with their oh-so-clever ‘Wish Lists’.

The list allows me to window shop, fantasizing about how I’ll enjoy using these items to create sizzlingly sexy shows and role plays with you.

And for YOU, it provides a template of my likes and dislikes, sizes, color preference and such….and most of all things I can actually use during our time together in my chat room. Amazon has made it so easy for you, shopping from the comfort of your computer, all the while knowing it’s just what I want and need in just the right color and size. I ask you, could it get any simpler?

Go ahead, make may day……….. just keep it a secret, k?

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